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Vancouver, BC


Digital Orientation Resolutions Inc., a Canadian software developer, is pleased to announce the release of iFetal Pro +2 for
pregnancy and infancy care. The iPhone app provides primarily the necessary educational materials to both doctors and patients
and it allows the patients to be involved in the quality assurance of their own medical care.

As an educational tool, iFetal Pro +2 provides necessary educational information to pregnant couple and first time parents
including weekly tracking of fetal development, description of pregnancy tests and procedures, standard guidelines (e.g.
breast-feeding, complementary foods, vaccinations), and pictures and animated videos to show fetal development and

iFetal Pro+2 helps doctors to ensure the pregnancy tests, vaccinations, antenatal and well-child appointments are arranged
within the recommended time frames. Doctors can benefit from rapid access to fetal measurements and standard growth charts.

As a quality assurance tool, iFetal Pro+2 helps patients to check if the appointments for blood tests or ultrasound scans are
arranged within the recommended time frames. In addition, iFetal Pro +2 provides a self-screening tool for postpartum
depression test in which the test is taken by the patient and the result can be emailed directly from the app to the doctor.

iFetal Pro +2 is the latest iOS app that provides educational materials for pregnancy and infancy, enforces standards of medical
practice, facilitates the process of quality assurance, and bridges the gap between patients and doctors.

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