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Digital Orientation Resolutions Inc., a Canadian software developer, is pleased to announce the release of Childcare app from
Birth to Age 2. The MAC (OS X) app provides primarily the necessary educational materials to both doctors and parents and it
allows the patients to be involved in the quality assurance of their children.

As an educational tool, Childcare from Birth to Age 2 provides necessary educational information to first time parents including
when to book for well-child appointments, what are the recommended vaccinations and when to book for them, breastfeeding,
complementary foods, expected milestones and behaviour including daily sleep hours, positioning, teething, sitting, standing,
walking and language. The app also provides a self-screening test for postpartum depression with instant results.

Childcare from Birth to Age 2 helps doctors to book well-child appointments and vaccinations within the recommended time
frames, rapid access to standard WHO growth charts and save unlimited number of measurements to track growth during
well-child visits, and conduct EPDS (Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale) test to assess postpartum depression.

Childcare from Birth to Age 2 is the latest OS X app that provides educational materials for new born babies, enforces standards
of medical practice, facilitates the process of postpartum screening, and bridges the gap between patients and doctors.

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