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Katiba Breast Ultrasound Reporting Tool

Prince George, BC


Digital Orientation Resolutions Inc., a Canadian software developer, is pleased to announce the release
of Katiba
® Ultrasound Reporting Tool for radiologists and sonographers. The iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod)
app provides an easy method to create a technical worksheet or a full report
from ultrasound findings.

® provides a consistent style of describing ultrasound findings among all sonographers and it
current standards of medical practice thus increasing consistency, accuracy and efficiency.

Sonographers can create a technical worksheet directly from their iOS device in the ultrasound room and
print it wirelessly. Or, a radiologist can create the final report from the technologist worksheet in a few
seconds and print it wirelessly, email it to referring physician or save as PDF in a local or network server

to be added in the PACS

About Digital Orientation Resolutions Inc.
Digital Orientation Resolutions is a medical software developer specialized in developing structured
reporting tools.


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